Friday, October 25, 2013

Mr. Man

You know those friends that are always there to help, no matter what it involves moving? Well, we are so fortunate to have friends like that, always ready to volunteer their time to come and help move...even if it s a couch from upstairs, to downstairs to back to upstairs all in a weeks time, or move a giant old claw foot tub from upstairs, to downstairs to back upstairs. (We store things in our basement until we are ready to use it!)
I was so happy to be able to take their family pictures for them this year. When their son "Mr. Man" (that is what I am calling him on here bc he is such a big little guy!) was a year I took his pictures at my house. We did for fun and when they picked up the pictures the lady at the photo desk said they needed a print release for them. We all laughed, and I felt good, but knew I couldn't pursue photography any more than that until I did some upgrading. Well, now Mr. Man is three, and I did some here we are! I hope you enjoy Mr. Man and the friends that are always there to help!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

H Family

Some sessions come together in ways that I couldn't imagine. This weather has been a bit iffy for pictures. Overcast skies, unusually cool and a lot of rain make getting sessions in and enjoyable a bit difficult.  When we showed up Saturday evening to do these pictures, so did the rain. It was drizzling just a bit and then it went away! There was a big wedding on the grounds, and then they left! The sun came out and we had a wonderful time climbing trees and running around!